2022 Kubota Sidekick RTV-XG850 First Look Gallery

Kubota’s civilized-but-rugged workhorse for hobby farmers and DIYers.

The Sidekick Marksman package comes in Realtree camo.Aaron Richardson
Marksman trim also means a 3,500-pound Warn winch with a steel cable.Aaron Richardson
The 2022 Kubota Sidekick is tall and narrow, which can make it feel tippy in certain situations. But it carries its size well, and is extremely maneuverable.Aaron Richardson
The front bull bar is as stout in person as it looks here. It’s standard equipment, and should keep just about everything at bay.Aaron Richardson
We measured the Sidekick at 82 inches from the ground to the top of the roof. It’s a tight fit to get it through our 82.5-inch garage door opening.Aaron Richardson
The Sidekick’s hydraulic-assist dump bed is rated for 1,000 pounds of cargo (sorry, Californians, yours is only rated for 600 pounds). Better yet, it is all-steel, coated in a very tough bed liner, and has large D-ring tie-down points.Aaron Richardson
The steel headache rack is another stout standard feature that should keep unsecured cargo from coming into the cab if you need to stop suddenly.Aaron Richardson
The 6-inch rear work light matches two up front and puts off enough light to make nighttime jobs easy.Aaron Richardson
The Sidekick’s roto-molded plastic half doors feel sturdy, but they’re very low and can be as much an impediment as a help.Aaron Richardson
The generous plastic bolsters are great for keeping you in the vehicle, but are somehow out of the way.Aaron Richardson
The 25-inch 440 Mag Off Road tires have generous tread, though they could do with being a little bigger.Aaron Richardson
Despite its EFI, the Sidekick is a bit cold-natured. Once it warms up, power delivery is excellent.Aaron Richardson
There is enough room back here for a big pile of mulch, several square bales, or a patio’s worth of paving stones.Aaron Richardson
The headache rack is included as standard, but the roof is an optional extra.Aaron Richardson
The Sidekick can tow 2,000 pounds via its 2-inch automotive-style hitch receiver.Aaron Richardson
The interior is comfortable but decidedly basic.Aaron Richardson

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