2022 Polaris Ranger EV Gallery

Our first look at the new electric utility rig.

Polaris is getting serious about its electric offerings by partnering with Zero, the manufacturer of EV motorcycles. The first product of that partnership is the 2022 Ranger Electric, a full-size, full-capability utility EV. Polaris surprised us with a look at the machine in its element, towing a heavy load and ripping around on the dirt. Expect to see the vehicle hit dealerships by December of this year, with full specs to come before that.

The 2022 Polaris Ranger EV is the first product of a 10-year partnership with Zero Electric.Polaris

Polaris showed off the vehicle’s capabilities by hitching it to a full-size truck and a fifth-wheel enclosed trailer.Polaris
There’s more than 7,000 lbs here, and the Ranger EV moved it without drama.Polaris
The 2022 Ranger EV is proper quick, too.Polaris
From the rear, you get a good view of the motor and battery compartment.Polaris
This is a Ranger in all the best ways, including off-road capability.Polaris
There’s no word on range, yet, but Polaris is promising it will be plenty for getting of work done.Polaris
Instant torque makes for a drifty machine.Polaris
Polaris was quick to show off the Ranger’s playful side.Polaris
Polaris says one of the best parts of the electric driveline is the controllability, which the company demonstrated with this massive teter.Polaris
The 2022 Polaris Ranger EV.Polaris