2022 Honda Pioneer 1000-5 Trail Review Photos

Images of the updated dual-purpose Honda.

Honda updated the Pioneer 1000-5 with a new Trail Edition for 2022. We put some miles under the rig at Windrock OHV to find out if a few minor tweaks are enough to keep the machine ahead of the rapidly advancing dual-purpose segment.

The Pioneer’s styling isn’t for everyone, but updated graphics and alloy wheels help bring the machine into the modern era.Josh McCoig
The external cage may look awkward, but it does a smart job of keeping the bodywork clean.Josh McCoig
Honda updated the gauge cluster for 2022.Josh McCoig
While Polaris and Yamaha have turned to in-dash navigation solutions, Honda offers an optional Garmin Tread system.Josh McCoig
Otherwise, the interior is no-nonsense.Josh McCoig
The Pioneer uses a manual shift lever on the dash to switch between two-wheel drive, four-wheel drive, and turf mode, which unlocks the rear differential.Josh McCoig
The rear dump bed has integrated jump seats that can accommodate two additional passengers.Josh McCoig
The Trail Edition’s Fox shocks can’t make up for stiff springs. Expect a jouncy ride.Josh McCoig
The Trail Edition’s standard winch is helpful.Josh McCoig
The Pioneer falls more toward the utility end of the use spectrum, but the machine is surprisingly capable when the trail turns aggressive.Josh McCoig
One of our biggest complaints is how poorly the Pioneer manages engine heat. Throw a little water on the driveline and front occupants get a steam bath.Josh McCoig

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