Portsmouth Island Gallery

Life on a deserted island can be both serene and perilous.

Our mighty tow rig; a 2021 Ford F-250 Super Duty King Ranch with off-road focused Tremor package.Kevan Ray

We recently spent a week on the southern Cape Lookout shores of Portsmouth Island. The idea behind the trip was to document vacation on a beach with UTV support vehicles. The logistics were simple enough; book a ferry ride, tow our units and gear to the ferry, and enjoy our time on the island. The 2021 Yamaha RMAX2 1000, 2021 Can-Am Defender Limited, and 2021 Polaris Ranger XP 1000 Trail Boss enabled us to quickly reach cell service, avoid digging holes in the sand for bathroom usage, and pack in/out our gear efficiently. Furthermore, the smaller footprint of the side-by-sides made it easy to navigate the beaches and paths found on the island without disturbing the local wildlife. They take up less space on the ferry, meaning our entire group could transport over to the island at one time and we kept the budget lower by leaving the big trucks on the mainland in the ferry company’s overnight parking lot. Do yourself a favor and plan a trip out to Portsmouth Island.

Cape Lookout National Seashore: https://www.nps.gov/calo/index.htm

Transport to the island can only be made by ocean-going ferry.Kevan Ray
A deserted Cape Lookout village, located on Portsmouth Island, seen in the distance from the ferry.Kevan Ray
Captain of the only ferry service to Cape Lookout on Portsmouth Island.Kevan Ray
The ferry’s dock acts as your last industrialized comfort before stepping through the gateway of time.Kevan Ray
Offloading the 2021 Can-Am Defender Limited.Kevan Ray
The 2021 Yamaha RMAX2 1000 staged and ready to conquer the sand.Kevan Ray
A reminder of a time past when this village sheltered visitors from around the world.Kevan Ray
Most days on the island are punishing, filled with sand, sun, and insects.Kevan Ray
The 2021 Can-Am Defender Limited was a perfect surf fishing rig.Kevan Ray
One of the last remaining beaches in America that allows UTVs.Kevan Ray
Time passes differently here. Without modern day amenities, the days seem both longer and shorter.Kevan Ray
While the cabins remain abandoned, the paths and village remain. You’ll have to pass through it to gain access to the beach after offloading from the ferry.Kevan Ray
No-stopping speed zones are sprinkled down the beach to help protect wildlife sanctuaries.Kevan Ray
There may be no better way to navigate Portsmouth Island than by UTV. Be sure to bring extra fuel, however, as the soft sand requires high revs to get through.Kevan Ray
The exhilaration of the trip’s first surf catch filled the camp on the first night.Kevan Ray
Splendor abounds on the island no matter which direction you peer.Kevan Ray
The 2021 Can-Am Defender Limited was right at home on the beach with it’s in-cabin air conditioning, capable four wheel drive system, and upgraded HD10 utility ratings.Kevan Ray
Our upgraded 2021 Polaris Ranger XP 1000 Trail Boss showing off its new roof, windshield, and full doors.Kevan Ray
The island stretches for just over 10 miles, but we clocked over 100 miles on our odometers during our two days exploring what Portsmouth had to offer.Kevan Ray
Western faces of the island are more sheltered from storms and wind, resulting in man-made paths that act as fire-roads.Kevan Ray
Special ramps are designated for entering and exiting the beach areas of the island.Kevan Ray
When the wind calms and the insects get sleepy, there’s a moment of tranquility on the island that keeps folks coming back.Kevan Ray
Our time on island was over as the ferry trundled across the inlet to fetch us on our last morning.Kevan Ray