Gallery: We Took Our UTVs Mountain Biking

As mountain bike shuttles, UTVs are at their utilitarian best.

On a glorious early spring day, we took UTVs loaded down with mountain bikes to the top of Moab’s Hurrah Pass Jeep road for a quick rip down to the bottom.

The Yamaha Wolverine RMAX2 1000 once again shows off its versatility.Justin W. Coffey
The 2021 Polaris General XP 1000 Trailhead Edition has enough space out back for a couple of bikes and all the gear you want.Justin W. Coffey
The top of Hurrah Pass can be windy and cold even when the canyon below is still and pleasant, but the views make sticking around an extra 10 minutes a no-brainer.Justin W. Coffey
Moab is filled with cool natural drops like this, on and off the trail.Justin W. Coffey
Even off the ridgetop, the scenery just doesn’t quit.Justin W. Coffey
The 2022 Can-Am Commander XT-P comes into its own on fast, open double-track, with by far the best handling of the three. Added to that, its large cargo box makes hauling a mountain bike all too easy.Justin W. Coffey
You could spray your bikes down after a day on the trails, or just hit a water crossing with a little gusto.Justin W. Coffey
The Can-Am’s handling is excellent, and it just gets better the quicker you go.Justin W. Coffey
The road to the top of Hurrah Pass is twisty, rocky, and high consequence.Justin W. Coffey
Utility doesn’t have to mean yardwork.Justin W. Coffey
Getting loaded up at the condo was almost as good as the ride itself.Justin W. Coffey
All our rec-ute machines have 2-inch hitch receivers, which means a 1Up hitch-mounted rack slots right in.Justin W. Coffey
Even on a cold day, Moab is drier than a salt mine. Take more water than you think you need.Justin W. Coffey
When you’re being photographed filling bike tires, it’s important to pull a stupid face.Justin W. Coffey
With the Polaris General Trailhead Edition’s cargo racks, we could easily have stashed gear for another couple of riders.Justin W. Coffey
The road to Hurrah Pass is almost as good as the ride itself.Justin W. Coffey