Wisconsin DNR Looking for Rider Input on Trail Guidelines

The department is going to off-road enthusiasts for help.

The Wisconsin DNR is looking for rider input on their trails.Kevan Ray

Wisconsin’s Department of Natural Resources (DNR) recognizes that the state’s UTV drivers know the trails and what they want from these trails best, so the department is asking them for input on the planning, designing, and construction of its trails.

The Ripon Commonwealth Press reports that the project comes with the obligation to not only maximize the trails’ fun factor, but also make them serve as a safe haven for those in the hobby. The Wisconsin DNR is looking to create sustainable trail systems that also help to protect natural resources. Consider it a win-win.

Phase one of the undertaking is establishing the guidelines with a common language. These will provide the direction necessary for a successful project, and the Ripon Press notes they will be accessible to the “local units of governments, trail advocates and volunteers, advisory councils, and others as they consider trail development and funding.” To bring about the most positive outcome, Wisconsin’s DNR is looking for ATV and UTV users for their comments. The department would like to collect these by December 23, 2021, and they can be sent via email to: DNRFWPPRGuidance@wisconsin.gov to help out the cause.