Shipping Broke our Decked System

Now what?

When riding season rolls around, we pretty much live out of my 2014 Ram 2500. The truck’s great for moving whatever we want to put behind it, but less adept at having room for the variety of tools, gear, and recovery equipment we bring with us. Most of the time, that stuff winds up either floating around the back seat or sitting out in the open bed where anyone with sticky fingers can walk off with it. Not ideal. So when Decked offered to send us a bed storage system to review, we jumped on it. The company makes its products in Ketchum, Idaho out of recyclable materials, and at $1,500, it promises to provide secure, water-resistant storage without completely sacrificing your truck bed.

The system arrived via freight, and despite Decked’s best efforts, one of the top panels showed up with one corner broken off. A quick call to customer service had a replacement on the way in a hurry, but I was too impatient to keep from installing the system. I epoxied the broken bits back together and followed Decked’s install video, slamming the kit together in a little more than an hour in preparation for a long drive through winter weather for the holidays.

When we got back, the new panel was waiting for us. How do you replace a broken Decked panel? Watch the video above for an idea of how it all works, and my thoughts on the system after more than a month of using it.

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