Watch Donut Media Test Off-Road Products

How good is the cheapest off-road gear on the internet?

How well do products from work?Donut Media

If you’ve been on the internet for any amount of time, then you’re familiar with Donut Media. The channel usually only posts on cars, but last year they started a series on upgrading two Toyota Tacomas to be off-roading monsters. In this video, the crew tested a few off-roading products from, a website that sells knock-off items at an extremely discounted price.

Maybe the most impressive product in this test was a 12,000-lb synthetic-cable winch, which was only priced at $322.89. The winch worked exactly how it was advertised, pulling one truck right out of a rut it was stuck in. We wouldn’t advise using anything from to pull the weight of a fully-built rig, but it’s interesting to see these cheaply-built products in action. In other words, leave it to someone else to test something dangerous.

The video wasn’t without a few duds, though. Some of the failed products include a portable shower that immediately got clogged, a roll and pitch meter that didn’t have a way to be plugged in, and traction boards that attach to your wheels that weren’t long enough to fit around the tire.

See all of the products being tested for yourself here:

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