Make Hammock Camping Easy With the Hive Hammock Stand

Easy hammock camping; no trees required.

Make hammock camping easy for your next outdoor adventure.Hive

If you’ve ever used a hammock, you know how difficult it is to find the perfect two trees from which to hang it. Also, if you want to use it in places like a beach, an open field, or just the middle of your backyard, then you’re pretty much out of luck. Hive is hoping to solve those problems. With their Kickstarter-backed product, the Hive Hammock Stand, you can set up sturdy mounts for your hammock anywhere.

Beach camping? No problem.Hive

It acts like a canopy, where you simply extend the support arms, lock them in place, and then you’re ready to camp. The stand is rated to support up to three adults, though Hive recommends limiting the number of adults to two. But you can still use that extra hammock space for small children or to hold supplies.

If you back Hive’s Kickstarter now, you can get the stand for $799. Once the hammock stand officially goes live on their website, the price will increase to $1,200.

Check out their Kickstarter with more information here.

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