Motorola Debuts Game-Changing Emergency Communication Device

The new Defy Satellite Link hot spot is a huge leap in SOS connectivity.

SOS communication is getting easier thanks to Motorola’s new device.Motorola

As much as we love the days we spend in places where there’s no cell service, it’s still important to be able to contact emergency services should things go awry. We’re longtime fans and users of the Garmin inReach and inReach Mini, go-to tools that help connect users with those who need to be in the know via brief text message. Motorola is now getting into the game with its new Defy Satellite Link.

Hot-spot emergency communication is the kind of thing that it’s much better to have and not need than to need and not have. This service used to come at a very steep price, meaning it was affordable only for the wealthy or government-sponsored. But satellite communicator technology has accelerated quickly over the last few years, so that now life-saving tech like the Garmin units and Apple’s SOS-equipped iPhone 14 are attainable for more income levels. Motorola seeks to add its product to that list.

The new Defy Satellite Link is a stand-alone, keychain-sized hot-spot device that can connect via Bluetooth to any smartphone. It’s IP68-certified dustproof and Motorola claims it’s waterproof for up to 35 minutes. It’s also drop-proof from up to 5.9 feet, which is especially reassuring for off-roaders.

The Defy Satellite Link lands in the second quarter of 2023. Pricing for the unit is $99 and there’s a $4.99 per month service fee. Buyers can also choose the $149 bundle that includes a one-year subscription plus 30 two-way messages per month in addition to the SOS Assist service. For those who want to go all in, Motorola has the Defy 2 satellite-capable smartphone coming for $599. In any and all versions, this new tech is remarkable and, while we hope to never have to actually use it, we appreciate that it’s available.

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