Watch 4WD 24/7 Break Stuff on the World’s Largest Sand Island

Wanna see some Aussies grin and bear it in a sand-covered paradise?

“Pretty hard,” he says, “to get it wrong when you’re in paradise.” And then.4WD 24/7

The boys from 4WD 24/7 have taken their travel show to Fraser Island, and the results don’t disappoint. Fraser, aka K’gari, is off Australia’s eastern coast, in Queensland. The place is a World Heritage–listed location and the world’s largest sand island, complete with typical (or what we like to imagine as typical) Aussie scenery—beaches, dingoes, trains of Toyotas and Land Rovers, you get the drill.

Adventure watching, complete with great accents.4WD 24/7

Shaun Whale and the 4WD 24/7 crew have a knack for making footage that feels like old-school adventure TV, and the Fraser video is no exception. They start off in a deep and sandy beach, where light-duty stuckage ensues, and things go sideways from there.

How? Well, the video title includes the words “steering broke,” so that’s a clue. Winching, grunting, and general Oz-goofery ensues. Take a look.

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