Watch 4WD 24/7 Talk About Their Camera Car Disaster

The big Nissan Patrol needed a 22-hour recovery job to get home.

When a big off-roader goes down, you need a huge recovery vehicle. Enter, the Unimog.4WD 24/7

For all the years 4WD 24/7 has been making videos of epic, sketchy adventures, they have a really good track record of coming out of most dramas pretty much unscathed. It’s not uncommon for them to have to flat tow a stricken machine off the trail, but in almost every case every vehicle they take comes back.

But there’s a first time for everything. During a trip to the Victorian High Country (part of the Australian Alps), the clutch went out on their Nissan Patrol camera car. It was the second bad clutch of the trip, after their Suzuki Samurai suffered a roasted disc. On a Sammy, you can change a clutch out on the trail. But on a rig the size of a loaded-down Patrol, there’s nothing you can do that far out in the sticks with no lift and few tools

Jock and Jesse relive the misery that was the Patrol camera car’s trip to the high country.4WD 24/7

In this episode of “Beers in the Shed,” Jock and Jesse talk a little bit more in-depth about the calamity, and the 22-hour effort it took two guys with a Unimog to retrieve the stricken Patrol.

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