B is for Build Puts a Roof on Their Overlanding Camper Truck

The “World’s Greatest Overlanding Camper” is coming together.

B is for Build is making progress on their camper project.B is for Build/YouTube

We’ve seen a lot of interesting camper builds over the years, and as the YouTube community grows it’s only normal for another to join in on the fun. B is for Build’s latest project is coming to life, starting with a crashed 2008 Dodge Ram 3500 Cummins dually it’s calling The Fraggin’ Wagon. The goal of the build is to have a mobile gaming hot spot that can be taken anywhere, but there’s a lot of work between start and finish. Now that the frame has been sorted, the crew turns their effort to finishing the framed walls and building a roof for the EarthRoamer-inspired madness that is coming together in the B is for Build shop.

Progress has been strong with the Ram-based camper. With a strong platform on which to base the build, the team has already sorted the crashed truck’s frame, rebuilt the front end, built the camper’s floor, and outlined the camper walls. In the team’s latest video, they turn their attention to a true structure for the shelter that will house both the living and gaming quarters. Aside from the fun that B is for Build creator and host Chris Steinbacher is obviously having with this project, the bonus fun lies in reading the comments on the video. Everyone appears to be an expert, which makes it even more interesting to see where the build will go next. For now, kick back and watch the video to see how “The World’s Craziest Overlanding Camper Truck” gets a roof worthy of the truck’s name.

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