Try a Side-by-Side in This Rad Driving Sim

Who wants to go throw some digital rigs around a digital city?

Want to drive a digital side-by-side? Now you can.BeamNG

The company bio on X reads, “bringing soft-body physics to the forefront.” If those words mean nothing to you, you’re probably not familiar with German game developer BeamNG. The studio’s flagship title, a driving sim called, is known for its realistic physics and remarkable crash modeling. And the most recent update adds a fun new vehicle to the mix: a side-by-side.

It’s not real, but it’s a Polaris RZR, mostly. Kind of.BeamNG/MuYe

The rig in question is a fictional two-seater called the Hirochi Aurata. (Think Polaris RZR.) Or as BeamNG puts it:

It features a three-cylinder engine with factory and aftermarket turbocharged variants, a continuously variable transmission, with selectable four-wheel drive and low-range box (also available with RWD conversion), and two new vehicle-specific wheel styles in two sizes, with tires to match. This model also comes with a full range of factory and custom configs, including off-road and track-ready specifications, a long-travel suspension, and two different roll cage styles.

Ever wanted to yeet a side-by-side over a San Francisco hill Bullitt-style? BeamNG is your Huckleberry.BeamNG

YouTuber MuYe recently dove into a prerelease version of the game, analyzing the patch notes and documenting changes. The video is worth a look. IGN said offers “the most impressive physics engine you’ve never seen.” The game is currently available on Steam for $24.99. We’re looking forward to checking it out.

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