Check Out Can-Am’s New Apache XC Tracks

Can-Am’s new tracks claim better handling, and less noise and vibration.

Can-Am’s all-new Apache XC track system promises better handling and less noise, vibration, and harshness.Can-Am

You have heard us wax lyrical a time or two about Can-Am’s track systems for its side-by-sides and ATVs. They’ll let your rig get basically anywhere, especially if you live where snow is a daily reality in the winter. We’ve used them to get way out into the backcountry in western Montana, and came away wanting more time with them.

The Apache XC system is available for ATVs and UTVs.Can-Am

But as capable as they are, Can-Am’s tracks inevitably add noise, vibration, and harshness to a rig, and the handling can best be described as ponderous on anything that isn’t powder. Can-Am is hoping to remedy that for 2024 with the new Apache XC track system. It’ll bolt up to either a UTV or an ATV, and has been rethought from the frame up.

Can-Am says the results are easier steering, better handling, and drastically reduced NVH. The Canadian company pulled it off with redesigned track wheels, rethought track tread and width, and a totally redesigned frame. They’re not cheap at $5,549 a set, but that’s still a damn sight cheaper than buying a whole new rig for winter. Check out the video to see them in action.

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