Watch Donut Media Get Their Ranger Desert Ready

Donut blows $18,000 on a custom interior for a $500 truck.

If you’re doing any serious high-speed off-road driving, you need a stout roll cage.Donut Media

Big power and huge suspension are certainly huge components of ripping across the desert, but they might not be the most important part of going fast. That honor falls to interior safety and comfort. Suspension and power mean nothing if you’re rattling around the interior or smacking your head on the roll cage.

Donut Media is addressing that very issue this week on their $500 Ford Ranger desert racing build. The Donut Media crew previously added a very cool suspension setup and a 400-odd horsepower LSX V-8, so they’re almost ready to tackle the Baja Peninsula.

Sometimes you gotta cut the roof off to finish welding your cage.Donut Media

With a proper safety cage, Sparco seats, and good communicators, the Ranger is that much closer to ripping. Check out the video to see how the build went.

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