Watch Donut Give This Dude an FJ Cruiser for Some Reason

The real challenge is being seen in an FJ Cruiser.

It’s a “challenge.”Donut Media via YouTube

Donut Media has a long history of giving away cars if a lucky fan can complete a series of challenges in a specified amount of time. In the past, that meant getting a car or truck running that the Donut team has carefully sabotaged. This video follows a similar track, but with one twist: The fan, Derek, gets to keep an FJ Cruiser if he can successfully modify it to tackle a series of off-road “challenges” in the allotted time. If you’re already rolling your eyes, you’re not alone.

If we had 12 hours to build a stock vehicle for an unknown off-road challenge, the modification list would be pretty straightforward: lockers, more aggressive tires, and maybe a winch. Donut being Donut, most of the video is product placement, which means this lowly FJ Cruiser gets external reservoir Fox shocks and a rooftop tent, among other unnecessaries.

The team then heads out to an off-road obstacle course, which offers nothing your mom’s Subaru couldn’t handle. If you’re looking for a good laugh, check out the video below.

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