Court Adds $6.8 Million to Durhamtown OHV Resort Ruling

Ruling adds to original $22 million finding against the resort.

Durhamtown’s legal troubles continue.Kevan Ray

Last week saw a new chapter in the ongoing saga of Durhamtown Off-Road Resort following a judge’s decision to add more penalties to a lawsuit the park lost in May 2022. Online Athens reports that a $6.42 million addendum was added to the existing $22 million won in court by Debra Ann White, who sued the off-road facility’s owner after her husband, Dr. Adam White, was killed by a falling tree while riding his dirt bike at the park.

The situation originally unfolded in January of 2021 when the park suddenly closed. News of legal and financial issues came to light stemming from another lawsuit in which a young motocross racer was severely injured. Then the park lost the suit stemming from the death of Dr. White in September of 2019.

Former Durhamtown owner Robert M. McCommons and his lawyers filed to retry the case, but the court declined, pushing McCommons and his representatives to offer a settlement of $10 million in the summer of 2020. The offer was declined, and the White party eventually won a verdict of $22 million. With the recent additions to the ruling, plus attorney’s fees, the total verdict comes to $28,492,826. However, the defendants will likely appeal the ruling, which means this case may be far from closed.

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