Three Hatfield-McCoy Trails Closed Due to Wildfires

A series of fires in southern West Virginia have shuttered the trails.

Parts of the Hatfield-McCoy Trail in southern West Virginia have been closed due to wildfires.Camden Thrasher

Three trails in the Hatfield-McCoy Trails system in southern West Virginia are closed until further notice because of wildfires. Mingo County, West Virginia, emergency services closed the trails as a spate of fires scours the southern part of the state.

The Hatfield-McCoy Trails system is an integral part of the economy of southern West Virginia, as tourism slowly takes hold in an area left destitute as coal has declined. But a hot, dry fall has meant burn bans and myriad brush fires have popped up in the mid-Atlantic region. For the time being, just the Buffalo Mountain, Delbarton, and Devil Anse Trail 54 and others have closed.

Emergency services expects dry weather to continue, according to local news channel WCHS 8. With any luck the fires will be controlled soon and the trails can reopen.

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