Honda Contingency Money Tops $500,000 for UTVs in 2023

The Red Riders Rewards program doles out money to winning SXS racers.

The 2022 Honda Talon is eligible to win prize money through Honda’s Red Riders Rewards contingency program.Honda

Honda has revamped its Red Rider Rewards contingency program for 2023, nearly doubling the amount of contingency money available to side-by-side racers. Honda Talon racers in 11 racing series are eligible to win shares of a $500,000 total contingency purse. Win a championship in a Talon and Honda will kick you $15,000.

Prize money for individual events starts at $1,500 for a win in any class, down to $400 for a fourth-place finish. Eligible racing series include but aren’t limited to: SCORE International Off-Road Racing; WORCS; Best in the Desert Racing Association; Arkansas Cross Country Racing (AXC); Iowa ATV Hare Scrambles Series (IATVHSS); and Indiana Cross Country Racing (IXCR). New for this season are: DP4 SxS Racing; Southern Nevada Off-Road Enthusiasts (SNORE); Texas Outlaw Series; Ultra4 Racing; Champ Off-Road Tour; and Great American Short Course.

Putting serious money into amateur racing is a sign that Honda is in the side-by-side game for the long haul and is invested in seeing its rigs at the top of the pile. Money in racing is hard to come by, but with manufacturers kicking in support, there’s a chance for smaller teams to make ends meet.

For more information and to see what other series the Red Riders Rewards program covers, head over to Honda’s website.

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