Honda Recalls 34,000 Talons for Engine Failure

A loose band screw can cause catastrophic failure.

Honda has recalled certain Talon side-by-sides for potential engine failure.Honda

Honda is recalling certain 2019–2021 Talon side-by-sides for potential engine failure. According to the company, a band clamp on the vehicle’s intake can work loose, then fall into the engine causing catastrophic damage. The recall covers 34,000 units, including two- and four-seat models. Honda urges owners to check their machine’s VIN. If your vehicle is covered by the recall, Honda says you should stop driving it immediately and contact your local dealer to schedule a free inspection and, if necessary, repair.

This is an expanded program, as Honda previously recalled around 32,000 Talons for the same issue. That effort covered the following models:

MY Model VIN Start VIN End
2019 Talon 1000 S2 1HFVE05**K4000003 1HFVE05**K4003902
2020 Talon 1000 S2 1HFVE05**L4100001 1HFVE05**L4102280
2021 Talon 1000 S2 1HFVE05**M4200001 1HFVE05**M4202760
2020 Talon 1000 S4 1HFVE06**L4000002 1HFVE06**L4003420
2021 Talon 1000 S4 1HFVE06**M4100001 1HFVE06**M4102218

The expanded recall covers these vehicles as well:

MY Model VIN Start VIN End
2021 Talon 1000 S2 1HFVE05**M4200084 1HFVE05**M4203061
2021 Talon 1000 S4 1HFVE06**M4100121 1HFVE06**M4102580

Honda says there have been 18 reported incidents, including one that resulted in the driver losing control after the failure. For more information, contact Honda at (866) 784-1870, or head over to the company’s recall site.

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