Here’s How To Improve Your Polaris RZR XP’s Durability

The latest episode of Shop Talk covers upgrades that help prevent breakage.

Nobody wants a broken rig.Polaris/YouTube

Few things let down a weekend on the trail (or day working on the farm) like broken machinery. As far as UTVs have come, they still have mechanical vulnerabilities that don’t require thrashing on the vehicle to expose. Polaris knows its own RZR XP has its limits, or at least admits that the owners may push the side-by-side beyond the breaking point of the stock components, so it put together a new episode of Shop Talk to inform and educate about the ways to improve the UTV’s durability. The video covers the basics, like skid plates and meatier axles, and even goes into more technical pieces like differentials and clutches.

Every vehicle has a weak link and many times it’s more than just one. We’ve certainly had our fair share of mechanical failures, and it seems that everybody who has spent time on the trail finds a way to damage a part on their machine. Recognizing that they can help owners of their RZR XP UTV enjoy less downtime and simultaneously sell some parts in the process, Polaris made its most recent installment of Shop Talk about the top upgrades for improving the SxS’s durability. The video is as much of a discussion of how the newest machines have been beefed up versus their predecessors, but it’s an interesting watch and an informative one that can help RZR XP riders get the most out of their hobby.

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