Kawasaki Slashes Prices Again

Big Green offering up to $3K off some KRX models.

Kawasaki just cut prices again on its 2023 models, offering up to $3,000 off MSRP on the 2023 KRX 4 1000.Kawasaki

Kawasaki has dropped prices for its 2023 side-by-sides yet again. The biggest discount right now is a $3,000 discount on some KRX 1000s, but there are big cuts on almost the entire 2023 lineup, from Mules to Teryxs and the two-door KRX.

Swing over to Kawasaki’s website to check out the list for yourself. An insane 42 models and trim packages have been discounted to make way for 2024s. Even at full price, Kawasaki is famous for offering bargain pricing, especially for brand-name rigs. Added to that, they’re universally good machines. We love the KRX and the KRX 4, and the discount means you can get into a ‘23 KRX 4 for under $25,000. That is a bananas deal.

If you don’t need four seats, Kawasaki is offering base-model 2023 KRX 1000s at $20,199, down from an original sticker of $23,199. If you can stomach buying a brand-new rig that’s a model year old, now is the time. Kawasaki just updated the KRX last year with the introduction of the four-seater, so you don’t have to give up any model year updates to do it.

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