The Kawasaki Ridge Shows Off Crazy Tech in New Teaser

A GPS and pitch and roll sensors will be featured on the Ridge.

The Kawasaki Ridge will feature pitch and roll sensors.Kawasaki

The newest Kawasaki Ridge teaser has just been unveiled, and this time we get a glimpse at the infotainment system. Sure, it’s not the most exciting detail in the world, but it does show off some tech that has not yet been featured in a side-by-side: pitch and roll sensors.

If you don’t know about this neat feature, pitch and roll sensors show you exactly how steep a hill you’re climbing is or how off-camber a trail is. This allows you to more accurately judge the terrain and gives more information for line choice. The infotainment center shows off a few more features, like drive modes, a media player, and a GPS. Could we finally be getting a worthy Ride Command competitor? We’ll just have to wait to find out.

We also get a better look at the steering wheel, graphics, and a badge that says “Limited,” suggesting a top-level trim. Stay tuned for more news about the Kawasaki Ridge!

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