Matt’s Off-Road Recovery Pulled Off an Amazing UTV Rescue

Don’t try this at home.

This video is packed with “nope” moments.Matt’s Off-Road Recovery via YouTube

Things can go sideways quickly on the trail, which makes services like Matt’s Off-Road Recovery a godsend for people stuck in rough terrain. The YouTubers recently posted a video of a side-by-side recovery, but the quick film made a complicated process look way simpler than it was in real life.

They discovered the UTV at the bottom of a ravine, missing a wheel. The massive drop ended when the side-by-side hit a tree, but getting it out of the hole took dragging it over rocks, small trees, cacti, and shifting ground. Of course, that wasn’t the end of the trouble, as the team’s truck experienced a locking differential failure, leaving it beached on a pile of rocks.

After fixing the truck, it was able to follow a rough trail to get close enough to hit the UTV with a winch. A lot of wheeling later, and they’d managed to maneuver the hulking truck close to the side-by-side, but there were plenty of hairy moments along the way, including almost losing a tire on a boulder.

Once the UTV was hooked up to the wrecker, the group had to find a way out of the ravine, which proved just as difficult as reaching the bottom to begin with. The three-wheeled UTV made it challenging to find a path out, and the massive truck had trouble keeping footing on the loose dirt.

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