Check Out Matt’s Off-Road Recovery’s Heavy Wrecker Progress

The massive tow rig is rapidly nearing completion and it’s just getting better.

Once you get to plug welds on the firewall, the finish line is starting to close in.Matt’s Off-Road Recovery

Matt’s Off-Road Recovery is making great progress on their awesome Off Road Wrecker project, a massive, custom-built recovery vehicle for when things get truly bleak. With an old International cab to keep things classy, the crew built a custom boxed frame to hold a set of 2.5-ton axles and a Chevrolet big-block powerplant.

Those are some of the prettiest welds you’ll find anywhere.Matt’s Off-Road Recovery

Behind the engine sits a built GM 4L85E and a custom transfer case. The driveline eventually will spin 40-inch tires. In this episode, we see the crew doing finish welding on the rig’s custom firewall and floors as they get prepped to drop the cab on the frame once and for all.

It’s a shame that’s all going to get covered up with paint and panels.Matt’s Off-Road Recovery

They’re still waiting on transmission and transfer-case parts to show up, so seeing this thing moving under its own power is still a ways off, but the progress is accelerating and it shouldn’t be too awfully long before the machine is moving under its own steam and making recoveries. Check out the video for some super tasty shots of the beautiful custom welding all over this rig. It’s really a shame that it will have to be painted.

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