Watch Matt’s Off-Road Recovery Rescue a Jeep Wrangler

This was a bad day on the trail.

Some bad days on the trail are worse than others.Matt’s Off-Road Recovery

Some days on the trail are just bad. For this Jeep owner, this trail ride was worse than bad, with his very nice Wrangler meeting its end at the hands of a steep, narrow rock chute. Matt’s Off-Road Recovery came in to get them out of trouble and back to safety, but it’s safe to say the Jeep is wasted.

There’s a long road to back to the trail for this Wrangler.Matt’s Off-Road Recovery

This recovery is slightly different than Matt’s normal fare, as it isn’t funny, and the wreck resulted purely from bad luck and being slightly off line. Nobody here did anything we haven’t all tried at one time or another. The recovery itself went smoothly, but let this be a lesson to keep your wits about you on the trail, and have a recovery plan in case things go sideways.

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