Watch Matt’s Off-Road Recovery Save a Baja Buggy

A broken wheel hub makes the recovery tricky.

Getting this classic out will be a little tricky.Matt’s Off-Road Recovery

Matt’s Off-Road Recovery deals with hundreds of rescues every year. Most of those revolve around side-by-sides and Jeeps, but recently the crew received a call for a unique off-roader. The call came from the owner of a classic VW dune buggy who had damaged a wheel hub that rendered the car undrivable.

The only setback from the recovery was that the buggy had lost its brakes with the damage, so handling the car while towing it was up to the grace of gravity and momentum. If the crew didn’t control the wrecker correctly, the client’s car could end up smashing into the back of the tow rig and causing extra damage.

After the buggy recovery, the crew went on to rescue a Polaris RZR that had a very similar problem to the buggy. The front left wheel was inoperable and the side-by-side was stuck in four-wheel drive with the front differential locked. MORR ended up having to dismount the damaged wheel so that the hub could spin freely in 4WD. Other than that, it was another standard recovery for the crew. Check out the video below for the full recoveries.

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