Watch the MORR Wrecker Go on Its Most Intense Rescue Yet

A popped tire and a waterfall climb makes this rescue tricky.

The Wrecker had to pull the buggy up a waterfall.Matt's Off-Road Recovery

Matt’s Off-Road Recovery had to take the Wrecker out again last week, and this rescue was a doozy. The call actually came from Robby Layton, whose buggy was stranded on a trail called “Hanging Tree.” If you’re curious about the trail’s name, it comes from the fact that it is so off-camber that you have to tie down to a tree so that you don’t roll off the trail.

To no one’s surprise, the rescue didn’t exactly go smoothly. The Wrecker popped a tire just about as soon as it got on the trail, which caused a couple hours of the crew standing around until someone came back with a patch kit. Plus, the buggy was stuck at the bottom of a small waterfall that was part of the trail.

Some trails scare even the most seasoned off-roader, and Hanging Tree is one of them. Luckily, Matt and the crew made a successful rescue after a few winch pulls. Check out the video below, it’s definitely worth a watch.

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