Check Out the MORR Off-Road Wrecker’s First Recovery

It was a simple job, but there has to be a first.

That’s one way to test your new off-road rig.Matt’s Off-Road Recovery

After more than a year of designing, measuring, fabricating, cutting, welding, and some seriously heavy lifting, the crew at Matt’s Off-Road Recovery is finally out in the wild with their banana-colored Off-Road Wrecker. It’s a custom chassis with Chevrolet power and an International Harvester cab built for pulling big clients out of terrible predicaments. But before all that, the crew has been testing it the last couple of weeks, before heading to King of the Hammers to pit it against other off-road rescue machines.

But there is a slightly more conventional approach if you don’t have a broken RV lying around…Matt’s Off-Road Recovery

And, because it is essentially a monster truck, this week’s video kicks off with a true monster truck feat: Driving through the shell of a long-dead RV, once to unload the wrecker from a rollback, and once to use the RV as a makeshift ramp to get back on the rollback. It’s gimmicky, but it’s hilarious. After the shenanigans, the team heads to Johnson Valley for some actual off-roading with a crew of other YouTubers.

A modified Toyota Corolla became the first official recovery for the Off-Road Wrecker.Matt’s Off-Road Recovery

It isn’t long before an all-wheel drive-swapped Toyota Corolla falls ill with a very broken front suspension, and the wrecker is called to action. With the suspension tied up, the wrecker makes the simple tow look… Well, simple.

But this is still the real reason we’re all here.Matt’s Off-Road Recovery

It wasn’t a big job, but it’s fun to actually see the wrecker in action after so many hours of footage of it being built. There’s way more on the way.

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