Florida Bill Would Ban UTVs From Highways

Florida is considering new restrictions on side-by-sides after fatal wrecks.

Florida is considering legislation that would restrict UTVs on public roads.Creative Commons

Florida’s state legislature is considering banning side-by-sides from federal highways with a speed limit of at least 55 mph, and requiring UTVs to be licensed and insured. The bill was introduced by a state legislator from Port Orange, and would bring UTVs under similar regulations to those ATVs are subject to. It would also put UTVs under the same category as mini trucks for road use.

The bill was brought following four fatal wrecks, one of which claimed a police chief, another of which killed a 10-year-old boy. The bill would mandate that UTV drivers have a valid driver’s license or that minors be supervised by licensed drivers. The bill outlines UTVs as vehicles less than 70 inches wide in which occupants ride side-by-side, and which have headlights, taillights, brake lights, rearview mirrors, seatbelts, and a horn. The bill apparently does not address side-by-sides wider than 70 inches, which leaves a potential loophole for the likes of the Polaris RZR Pro R and Can-Am Maverick R.

If the bill passes, counties in Florida will be able to opt out of it by a vote of their county commissioners following a public hearing.

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