Report: Polaris Applied to Patent a Tank-Tracked UTV

Two tracks are often better than four wheels.

Would you buy a tank-tracked UTV?HSR Motors Via YouTube

Tank track kits for UTVs have been a thing for a while now, but Polaris wants to take things further. RideApart uncovered a patent application from the company that describes a “Tracked All-Terrain Vehicle,” but that’s not even the wildest thing about it.

The application noted that the vehicle will be waterproof, saying, “More particularly, vehicle 10 is configured for both land and amphibious operation.” Other than the tracks, the UTV doesn’t look that much different from a normal Polaris model, but a production-ready vehicle with amphibious capabilities would likely be easy to spot from a mile away.

Other notes in the application include one on a twin-cylinder engine, which Polaris has employed in other models. It would send power to the tracks through a continuously variable transmission, but specs are currently unconfirmed. Diagrams show new lighting configurations, tow hooks, and a tow hitch, saying that the hooks could handle between 500 and 1,000 pounds each.

It’s worth noting that patent applications don’t always indicate that a company is ready to jump in with a new product. That said, an affordable consumer-grade tank would be a reason to get excited. The Howe & Howe Ripsaw is a considerably more serious machine with prices that reach nearly a half-million dollars. If you don’t want the pseudo-military tech and look, a Polaris tank would be a much friendlier option.

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