Watch Polaris Showcase All the Upgrades for the All-New RZR XP

From air intakes to coolant vents, the new RZR is a major step up from its predecessor.

Watch Polaris go over all of the upgrades of the RZR XP from the previous generation.Polaris

After a ride-along with Polaris in the all-new RZR XP, we’ve been thinking about all of the differences between it and the previous generation. There are some obvious ones, like the new styling and a new engine, but we want to know the minute details of the new rig. Thankfully, Polaris posted a video on its YouTube channel going over just that.

The all-new ProStar 100 gen 2 engine.Polaris

Polaris product expert Pat McArdle starts by showcasing the new ProStar 100 Gen 2 engine. It’s the same 1,000cc engine that we’re used to, just with 4 extra horses. Polaris achieved the new horsepower number by bumping the compression ratio 12.5:1 and reworking the intake and exhaust systems. To handle the new power, an exhaust hose was added to the cooling system for better coolant flow.

Polaris has also reworked the clutch system to transfer power to the wheels faster. The XP gets a larger clutch and bigger gear ratios than the last generation, resulting in better throttle response. The transmission was fitted with stronger gears and bearings to handle the extra abuse.

Check out Polaris’ video for an in-depth look at these upgrades, and make sure you check out the rest of the videos showing off the all-new RZR XP.

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