Insure Your Baja Vehicle With Ride Baja Insurance

In a location where crashes happen regularly, Ride Baja will keep you insured.

Insure your Mexican vehicles with Ride Baja insurance.Ride Baja Mexican Insurance

We’re coming up on riding season, and that means most of the UTV drivers on the West Coast are thinking about taking a trip to Baja, Mexico. The issue is that most insurance companies either won’t hold up policies when crossing into Mexico, won’t take that big of a risk on a policy, or just won’t insure a side-by-side at all. With Ride Baja Mexican Insurance, none of that is an issue.

Ride Baja will cover everything from UTVs to trailers.Ride Baja Mexican Insurance

Since US and Canadian insurance policies aren’t honored in Mexico, Ride Baja had to partner with HDI Seguros to offer adequate coverage. Ride Baja offers plans for auto, RV, motorcycle, UTV, ATV, towing, and even vacation home insurance. Especially with the NORRA 1000 coming up, make sure you have coverage before crossing the border.

You can give Ride Baja a call at (800) 524-2252 for the US and +52 686-980-0627 for Mexico if you want to get a quote, or go to for more information.

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