150+ Riders Arrested in Street Takeovers During MLK Day Weekend

Street takeovers are growing in size and severity—and the Miami-Dade Police Department is responding.

Street takeovers are becoming a common trend across the US. Even massive examples like the takeover that happened across this past MLK Day weekend in Miami. The Miami-Dade police claimed more than 150 were arrested during the two-stroked capers. The festivities stretched from that Friday night through Sunday, according to the police. Along with the people arrested, 82 vehicles were impounded (mostly ATVs, dirt bikes, and UTVs), 16 stolen vehicles were recovered, 25 firearms were impounded, and 621 other citations were issued, police said.

While Miami-Dade Police Department cracked down on their riders, multiple agencies across the country are also taking decisive action against street takeovers. NBC6 South Florida reports that MDPD’s Homeland Security Bureau has detectives actively investigating suspects involved in planning and participating in these takeovers. The fact remains, the street takeover scene is big. Because of the growing off-road motorsports market, these vehicles are more available and relevant than ever. Now the MDPD Homeland Security Bureau is getting the department’s full support, including units from MDPD’s Priority Response Team, Motors Unit, and the Florida Highway Patrol.

Miami-Dade police are taking to social media to present their victory. The Facebook post from Miami-Dade shows a pile of machines impounded from the weekend’s street events.

While increased policing in America is a valid concern for many, the growing size and severity of these events is a real problem for many cities.

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