Watch Riley Green Use the Polaris Ranger XD 1500 in Polaris’ ‘Cowboy Code’

How the “Cowboy Code” makes an impact on Green’s life.

Riley Green and Tyson Durfey talk about what the “Cowboy Code” means to them.Polaris

In the latest episode of Polaris’ YouTube series Cowboy Code, the company tags along with country music star Riley Green and rodeo champion Tyson Durfey to show how the pair uses the all-new Ranger XD 1500 on their ranches. The video takes place on Green’s property in Jacksonville, Alabama, and we get to see Green and Durfey discuss the similarities between their upbringings and jobs, and how the “Cowboy Code” affects their life.

Cowboy Code is a two-part series, so stay tuned for the next episode to see how Green used the XD 1500 to plow and plant a food plot for deer season. And with the help of the Ranger, the duo even has enough time to have some fun with the side-by-side at the end of the day.

We’re big fans of the Ranger around here, from the Ranger Kinetic to the XP 1000, and the new three-quarter-ton XD 1500. They’re all workhorses that are plenty of fun to wheel.

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