Segway Introduced “Behind the Brand” Video Series

Segway Powersports releases video series to get friendly with customers.

Segway has just introduced the “Behind the Brand” video series to take buyers inside the company.Segway

With the launch of the 2024 Segway Super Villain hybrid side-by-side, the brand formerly known for two-wheeled, stand-up scooters is officially a player in the American powersports market. Truth be told, it’s been here for a couple of years, but Segway’s entry into the market started quietly.

But with the 330-hp Super Villain turning more than a few heads, the brand has apparently decided it’s time to formally introduce itself. How better to do that than a YouTube series? Segway last week released the first episode of its Behind the Brand video series. Instead of marketing platitudes and smash-cut marketing spots of side-by-sides doing power slides, we get to hear from real Segway employees. Interspersed, of course, with smash cuts of side-by-sides doing power slides.

The first clip is short, but it shows that Segway’s people are all about the product they build, and didn’t get into the powersports game accidentally. No, they’re true off-road freaks, and they’re fully willing to push the machines they build to the limit. Check out the clip at the link, and stay tuned for more episodes.

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