SuperfastMatt’s Off-Road Dodge Viper Gets Its First Shakedown

Certified good enough.

SuperfastMatt’s off-road Dodge Viper.SuperfastMatt

Last year, SuperfastMatt asked his subscribers what his next project should be. He held a vote with 16 different ideas, and the one that prevailed was an off-road Dodge Viper. It’s been a long road of designing, fabricating, and building an entire custom suspension, but the project is ready for the dirt. The Viper had been on the road before, but bringing it to the Southern California desert is a completely different story.

For the Viper’s inaugural shakedown, Matt took it to a dry lake bed where it would go through five different tests: donuts, hill climbing, whoops, jumps, and racing. While saying that it passed with flying colors might be a bit of an overstatement, we can say with confidence that it scored a “certified good enough” in every category. It even beat a plane in a drag race on dirt. If you want to see the car for yourself, check out the video below. We recommend starting from the beginning of the build if you haven’t seen the entire series yet.

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