Watch SuperFast Matt Build an Off-Road Bumper

A cut-and-weld bumper for a wild off-road Viper.

Ignore what it’s attached to. This sick off-road bumper was made at home. Let SuperFast Matt show you how.SuperFast Matt

Off-road bumpers are a super-important mod if you’re going to get serious in the dirt, giving you a perfect spot to put a winch, adding a bit of durability, and improving approach and departure angles. But if there’s not a ready-made aftermarket solution, you’re pretty much out of luck. Unless, that is, you have access to CAD, a little bit of welding skill, and a few bucks.

The CAD drawings are impressive enough, let alone the execution.SuperFast Matt

YouTuber SuperFast Matt is not your average DIYer. He’s an engineer, understands fabrication, and knows his way around pretty complicated design software. To say this project is probably beyond the scope of most of us is to understate it a bit. Also, it should be noted that as cool as his final product is, it’s far from perfect.

Caveats aside, the lesson here is even if the aftermarket leaves you SOL, there is always an option. In Matt’s case, the result comes out looking damn near professional, but there’s plenty of room to do something slightly less polished but just as effective.

Also, knowing that websites like SendCutSend exist is giving us all sorts of terrible ideas.

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