Watch SXSBlog Revive an Old Legend

Their nitrous-huffing Can-Am X3 is coming back.

From this angle, it looks at first glance like a normal Can-Am Maverick X3. But look behind the cage… Yes, that is a nitrous bottle.SXSBlog

The madmen at SXSBlog are reaching back into their past this week to revive an early legend from their channel, a nitrous oxide–huffing Can-Am Maverick X3 X RS nicknamed the NX3. There’s a long way to go before this rig is back to its glory days, but when it debuted six years ago it was unimaginably fast and scary.

For now, the engine is just a stack of parts. That is soon to change.SXSBlog

The recipe was simple: a turbocharged X3, making an at-the-time ridiculous 154 hp, with a 90-shot of nitrous oxide stuffed down its intake. The results were predictably terrifying, especially at a time when 154 hp was unheard of in a side-by-side. There was a predictable downside to the madness, though. The nitrous eventually decimated the rig’s exhaust valves, and the engine is now in pieces waiting to be reborn.

There’s a plan for that, but the crew has been a little tight-lipped about it so far. Stay tuned, though. We imagine things are about to get very silly.

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