Watch a Hellcat-Powered Side-by-Side Rip Nasty Burnouts

What else do you do with 807 hp?

It shouldn’t be surprising how good this thing is at roasting tires, but it’s still incredible.SXSBlog

There is exactly one use for a utility side-by-side with a Dodge Demon Hellcat engine stuffed where the back seat should go, and that use is to rip the smokiest possible burnouts at will. SXSBlog, who recently finished such a side-by-side, just took its Hellcat-powered CFMoto to Cleetus and Cars Bristol to demonstrate just how nasty the machine is.

Once it gets on the boil, you’re pretty much doing things by feel.SXSBlog

We’ll let you check out the video to see the action for yourselves. There’s really not a lot we can say that will adequately capture the fury of a UForce stuffed with Detroit’s biggest Howitzer. Turn the sound up.

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