Watch SXSBlog Hellcat-Swap a CFMoto UForce

The UForce 1000XL will soon have over 800 hp.

The new project, named “Project Hellforce,” will have over 800 hp.SXSBlog

SXSBlog is known for making ridiculous power in side-by-sides. Going along with its 2JP project, which is a 2JZ-swapped Polaris RZR XP, it has now decided to Hellcat-swap one of the most humble workhorse UTVs, a CFMoto UForce 1000. The Hellcat engine has a claimed 808 hp, which is quite a step up from the UForce’s stock 79.

The project, named “Project Hellforce,” is still new, so don’t expect the SXSBlog guys to have it up and running anytime soon. Plus, the amount of drivetrain and braking upgrades needed to handle that much power is an undertaking on its own. No matter how long the project takes, we are still stoked about what’s in store for the UForce.

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