Watch SXSBlog Start an AMG F1 Pro R Build

Carbon fiber and AMG blue accents will highlight the build.

The AMG Formula 1 car that SXSBlog is basing its Pro R on.Mercedes-AMG

SXSBlog has just started a new Pro R build, and this one is more interesting than ever. For this build, the crew took inspiration from the Mercedes AMG Formula 1 team, using carbon fiber and blue accents as the base styling.

Styling isn’t the only thing it’s changing about this Pro R though. For starters, SXSBlog ordered a full pre-cut roll cage from Houser Racing. The great thing about the Houser cage is that the company ships it in pieces, bypassing the expensive bill of shipping a full cage. From there, you can either weld the cage together yourself or bring it to a shop to get it welded. There was also talk of a turbo, and knowing SXSBlog, that will be a reality very soon.

That’s all we know about the build so far, but we can’t wait to see what the crew at SXSBlog has in store for us with this build.

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