Watch SXSBlog Try To Backflip a RZR

Was it successful? No. Did it almost work? Yes.

For a second, it almost looked like this would work…SXSBlog

We don’t usually go in for spoilers, but this video doesn’t exactly hide its outcome, so we won’t either. In a stroke of genius, SXSBlog decided the other week to build an extremely steep dirt kicker ramp and try to get its Polaris RZR RS-1 to do a full-rotation backflip. The result was some very, very crunched front suspension, and a new quest to actually successfully complete the flip.

…But it didn’t.SXSBlog

Hilariously, at no point does anyone discuss what happens if Doug actually lands the flip. If things go right and the rig ends up back on its wheels, chances are it’s going to run up the ramp and go over from sheer momentum. But that bridge will be crossed in due course.

For now, we’re going to keep track of the channel so we don’t miss the inevitable second attempt. We’re especially curious about how they’ll reinforce the takeoff ramp, and what happens in the event of a successful landing.

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