Watch a Tuned Maverick R Shoot Flames

After a tune and some small mods, SXSBlog’s Maverick R makes over 270 hp.

The Maverick R on SXSBlogs’s dyno.SXSBlog

It’s very rare to see a stock vehicle in SXSBlog’s garage, so when the crew got their hands on a Can-Am Maverick R, it was only a matter of time before they ripped it apart. After all, where’s the fun in just 240 hp? To make big numbers, SXSBlog tore out the stock fuel pump and ECU and sent them off to Evolution Powersports to be tuned to E85. The result of the tune is interesting, to say the least.

The sounds alone coming from the custom exhaust would terrify a child. Pops and bangs galore, the Maverick R sounded like it was truly awakened. But sounds mean nothing if you don’t make power, so SXSBlog had to put it on the dyno.

After a few dyno runs, the tuned Maverick R put out 270 hp on its best run. That’s a 20 hp increase on just a tune and E85, out of a single liter of displacement. That goes to show just how insane the Maverick R is and how much potential it still has.

Check out the video below for more. It’s well worth your time.

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