Watch a Can-Am Maverick R Destroy a Pre-Runner

Ever wonder how tough a Mav R is? SXSBlog is here to help.

Just a Can-Am casually going interstate speeds. In the snow. In the woods.SXSBlog

Because of course they do, SXSBlog has a Ford Bronco pre-runner at their disposal these days. It’s a SCORE-tagged truck that has run the Baja peninsula, with wacky-waving-inflatable-arm-man suspension, a gnarly V-8, and a roll cage like a jungle gym. Clearly, the only recourse is to put it head-to-head with their Can-Am Maverick R, to see how the nastiest Can-Am fares in a fight with a Baja truck.

Seeing a pre-runner at full extension will never get old.SXSBlog

Because SXSBlog is in Michigan, the test was more than a little snowy. That didn’t phase either rig, at least not at first. Just check out the in-car footage. These dudes are carrying absolutely terrifying speed through tight, snowy woods. From the outside, though, it’s clear that neither machine is bothered in the least.

The Mav R in its happy place.SXSBlog

Or at least the Can-Am isn’t bothered. Whether it’s shooting down a nasty chute at 75 mph or soaking up increasingly rutted berms, the big Maverick R shrugs the whole affair off as if it’s strolling across a dance floor.

Before it ate a u-joint, the Bronco was absolutely shifting.SXSBlog

The Bronco hangs in there until it doesn’t. It seems that age and trying to keep up with the ludicrous ability of the latest and greatest from Can-Am proved too much, and the big Ford sends a u-joint to Valhalla. Game, set, match to the Can-Am. Go check out the video. It’s very much worth your time.

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