Is 6WD better than 4WD? TFL Tests Two UTVs To Find Out

It’s Can-Am Defender 6x6 versus Honda Pioneer 1000-5 in the name of science.

6WD vs 4WD vs an obstacle course.TFLoffroad/YouTube

More driven wheels has to be better, right? It makes sense to assume that, given everything we’ve ever learned about off-roading. It’s common knowledge that four-wheel drive will take you more places than two-wheel drive, and everything else being equal, a 4WD vehicle with locking differentials will go farther than one without. But what about when you add an extra axle and set of driven wheels to the equation? TFLoffroad was wondering the same thing, so the team brought out a 2023 Can-Am Defender 6x6 XT and 2022 Honda Pioneer 1000-5 Trail to find out if more really is better.

TFL is no newcomer to the off-road scene, with the YouTube channel’s long history of testing 4WD pickups and SUVs helping draw the attention of us wheeling enthusiasts and casual hobbyists alike. After pushing countless four-wheeled vehicles to the limit, the team started to wonder where extra traction from extra tires can get a vehicle. Thankfully for those of us passionate about UTVs, that meant pulling together two side-by-sides to test the theory that extra driven tires makes for extra capability. Is the extra axle worth it? You’ll have to watch to find out.

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