Watch Snow Give a Toyota Tundra and Rivian All They Can Handle

The Fast Lane Truck put the Rivian and Tundra through their paces.

Even with all the electronic wizardry the 21st century can muster, the Rivian still has to rely on momentum to get out of deep snow.TFL Studios

The 2022 Rivian is finally more than just vaporware, and The Fast Lane Truck recently got its hands on one for a showdown against the all-new 2022 Toyota Tundra. Although the big Toyota was treated this year to a comprehensive redesign, it’s decidedly old-school by Rivian standards. And with four electric motors and a supercomputer to dish out traction, it should wipe the floor with the hydrocarbon-guzzling Tundra.

But snow, as those of you from northern latitudes will know, is the great equalizer. Big horsepower, 15 inches of ground clearance, and an aggressive set of Pirellis don’t mean much when traction is nil at all four corners.

Lockers engaged, but slick is slick. So the Tundra needed momentum to keep moving.TFL Studios

To be fair, the Rivian handles itself a little more ably than the Tundra, but with a couple feet of snow on the ground, the test is closer than we would have bet. Regardless of the results of one off-road test, trucks like the Rivian are only going to proliferate, and it’s nice to see one display some real capability in a low-grip environment.

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