Are You Ready for a $65,000 Toyota Tacoma?

These prices are getting out of hand, and quick.

We’re deep into full-size truck territory with these prices.Toyota

If you’re not sitting down, you probably should be. Toyota’s pricing for the new Tacoma TRD Pro is a real shocker, reaching deep into premium vehicle territory and rivaling some of its full-size pickup competitors. Oh, and that’s before taxes and any of the dazzling array of available accessories are tacked on.

The 2024 Tacoma TRD Pro starts at $65,395, including the $1,495 destination fee. While it’s a capable truck with an interior that finally looks like it’s from this decade, that price is a hard sell for a Taco, especially when more capable full-size trucks exist for the same or less money.

If you’re counting, and you definitely will after this, the new Tacoma TRD Pro is more than $16,000 steeper than its predecessor. Toyota offers a range of accessories to drive the price even higher, including up to $1,550 for an electric cooler, a $370 Pelican cargo case, a $599 bed lighting system, or a $467 ARB recovery kit.

The good news is that you can get into a new Taco for considerably less money than the TRD Pro, though none of the configurations are cheap. The base SR costs $31,500 before destination, while the TRD PreRunner starts at $38,100. Those trucks get the basic turbocharged engine, however, and stepping up to the available hybrid system is where pricing really starts to get spicy.

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