Upfit UTV Custom Side-by-Sides Are Coming to Dealer Floors

Fully custom Polaris Pro Rs and Rangers will be available straight from the dealer.

The Upfit Pro R, $70,081 with all accessories.Upfit UTV

Upfit UTV has just announced that it will be sending its highly modified Polaris RZR Pro Rs and Polaris Rangers to a network of dealers. The modified side-by-sides should hit select dealers on March 22. Previously, you had to put in an order through Upfit UTV’s website and wait for the company to order the vehicle and install your accessories.

The Upfit Ranger, perfect for tailgates.Upfit UTV

Upfit fits aftermarket parts from places including Shock Therapy suspension, PRP race seats, and PCI radios to RZRs and Rangers to make bespoke luxury machines. Your pockets better be deep, because Upfit has more than $30,000 in available parts for the Pro R and the Ranger. Each part, from wheels and tires to suspension to the wrap, is all customizable.

Check out upfitutv.com for a full list of in-network dealers that will be receiving customized Pro Rs and Rangers. If you don’t have a dealer near you, you can still order straight from the website.

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